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Frequently Asked

We invite you to review these frequently asked questions to become familiar with our programs.

The CT Healthy Living Collective (CHLC) is a growing statewide network of organizations and individuals that specialize in supporting healthy aging for older adults by offering evidence-based and evidence-informed programs.

An initiative of Connecticut Community Care with support from the State Department of Aging and Disability Services State Unit on Aging, the CT Department of Health, and the Area Agencies on Aging, the CT Healthy Living Collective offers programs and resources recommended by experts and backed by trusted research. Learn more about the Collective.

Evidence-based programs (EBPs) offer proven ways to promote health and prevent disease among older adults.  They are based on research and provide documented health benefits, so you can be confident they work.

EBP participants build skills to take control of their health, from lowering the risk of falls to better managing chronic conditions, engaging in physical activity, and proactively managing mental health.

That depends on your interests and goals for health and wellness. Visitors to our website can enroll in informative, fun and/or active programs that help manage conditions such as diabetes, chronic conditions and pain management as well as improve strength, flexibility, mental health and social connectedness.

Find your topics of interest by looking at the program descriptions and we’ll show you what’s available at a nearby location, in a virtual class or by group phone sessions. Many people sign up for several programs in a row, creating a beneficial routine for taking charge of their health.

Locations and scheduling vary by program. There are participating locations throughout the state and programs are repeated frequently during the year. You can register online immediately or ask to be notified about an upcoming program in your area.

Get started in a few easy steps. Familiarize yourself with the program descriptions and decide on the one(s) of interest. Each section will guide you through how to register online and, in some cases, you may register by phone.

Many programs are offered free of charge, but pricing varies by program type and location. For example, a program held at a community center or senior center may be free for existing members but involve a small fee for non-members.

Staying physically active is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and regular exercise is a great way to keep your body and mind healthy in a variety of ways.  CT Healthy Living Collective programs generally do not conflict with existing programs or treatments and the programs are especially helpful for people with one or more chronic conditions.  However, it is always important to talk with your doctor before starting a new exercise routine.

You will be in a group learning setting, usually a meeting room or exercise room depending on the program type. Some programs are held online and require using the Internet on a computer or tablet.  A limited number of programs are presented over the phone.

It’s always a good idea to dress comfortably (with proper footwear) and have water handy to stay hydrated. Some programs require near and far reading of materials, and others involve physical movement under supervision. Instructors will be available to answer questions at each program session.

Programs are led by individuals who have an approved level of qualifications, either through a certified training program, general knowledge and experience with the topic, or skills to present and facilitate group workshops.

Two programs are offered in Spanish, “Tomando Control de su Salud” and “Programa de Manejo Personal de la Diabetes” Check the schedule for availability near you. Our website content can be automatically translated into other languages (go to the upper right corner of each page). Suggestions for multi-language programs and inquiries from qualified instructors are always welcome. Please email  [email protected].