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About the CT Healthy Living Collective

The CT Healthy Living Collective is a growing statewide network of organizations and individuals working together to support our vision to ensure CT residents have easy access to effective programs and services that promote healthy aging and enhance social connection.

Who We Serve

Visitors to our website can enroll in informative programs and find helpful resources for dealing with today’s wellness challenges, such as: diabetes, chronic conditions, pain management, mobility issues, and maintaining strength and flexibility in later years. All programs are based on scientific research or the guidance of knowledgeable experts. If you’d like to stay on top of your wellness challenges, or you’re helping others navigate healthy aging, you’re in the right place.

Collective expertise. Collective planning. Collective solutions.

Through collaboration and partnerships, we bring evidence-backed programs throughout Connecticut. Our growing suite of programs are developed and evaluated by researchers to help give you the strategies, information, and proven tools to manage chronic conditions, prevent falls, master aging, and build comradery on your journey.

Our esteemed collective advisors include dedicated representatives from state, regional and local agencies; health and care management providers; academic institutions; community centers; as well as trained instructors and facilitators, among others.


Our Hub / Network Model

This Hub / Network model allows the CT Healthy Living Collective to achieve economies of scale,
meet a broader base of need and together as a network of partners, increase our impact.

The Collective, a project within Connecticut Community Care, combines the strengths of trusted local community providers (the network) with a robust quality and contracting infrastructure (the hub) to deliver programs and services that promote healthier people, holistic care, stronger social connection, smarter spending, and health equity.

CT Healthy Living Hub Diagram


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To see what joining the CT Healthy Living Collective could mean for you or your organization, please inquire by email to: [email protected].